Friday, April 3, 2009

so tired that I can't even sleep

Its is 6:58 am and I just finished my web page, I haven't slept yet. Well I have some last minute details I need to make before I place it on the web. I wonder if I will ever learn to love web design. I find it so frustrating and exhausting. I was beginning to wonder why I ever thought about designing a new site for myself. I wanted to give up. But I have pushed myself to finish it.

Now the question that I am pondering is do I still keep up and running with the old site for awhile (so I'd have two sites) or do I close it down and get a new url name? or do I keep and change it with the new one site I created? Your thoughts?

Sorry this post is boring...this is my first blog ever...and I'm too tired to make it more interesting. Hahaha! I'll make sure and post better ones from now on.
Good night to me and...well good morning to you friends. :]

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