Thursday, May 28, 2009

One of my Dream Jobs...

Is to be a designer for M.A.C cosmetics. Reasons: Their design & marketing are the best in the business. Not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for the lip sticks/glosses & eye shadows. BUT thats besides the point. When they have a new edition out, I buy it, why? because its beautifully designed. I wonder what it takes to design for them? I've sent emails out to their main office in NYC but I haven't heard anything back from them. Maybe one day, some day, it will happen. ha-ha! The sky is my limit!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've been enjoying this weather a lil too much..

...I haven't been showing my blog some lovin' lately. Sorry. This SoCal weather has just been gorgeous. Then I've been busy with my mumma in town visiting :)

I just have to post this image because I'm really loving this color this spring season.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chase comes to Cali

I LOVE this commerical. The whole concept behind it is great and its very well designed. Having the Chase logo being the sun, and its transitions to the next scenes are awesome.

taken from thought this was hilarious.

10 Most Unfortunate Store Names

Published on 7/16/2008 under Names

The name of this shop in Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain becomes "SHIT" when converted to an acronym

"Farto"... in Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Lick-a-chick"... sadly they mean a chicken

"Tits"... in Montevideo, Uruguay

"Hung Far Low"... something got lost in translation


"Niggaz"... in Turkey

"Herpi"... in Spain

"The DICK Liquour"

"The Pussy Cleaners"