Monday, April 6, 2009

For your lunch break on this gorgeous Monday...

My brother called me up and said "Have you tried the new orbits gum, I know you will like the packaging." I'm looking all over for this new gum thinking of course if Michigan has it (where my brother lives) then Cali has to have it, right? haha. Well I couldnt find it here around Newport but this past wkend while in San Clemente I found it. The only reason why it I noticed it, was because of the package design. Anywhoo... cute package. Gum gets kinda sticky after chewing it for an hour.

Found this biz card and I was like yesssss, I love how they are looking more like the clear credit cards. How fun. I haven't seen one in person yet, so I don't know how it feels. Seems like it would be a card that would last all the wallets. :)

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