Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm a Barbie girl, in this Barbie world...

Let's be honest...I still love Barbie. I remember every day when school would get out on friday, I would beg my mom to go to Toys R Us, so I could pick out my latest "Diva". ;-) I blame Mattel for my addiction with the color pink and high heels. I had so many of those little plastic/rubber high heels for all my barbies. Anyways...that was a nice trip down memory lane... haha. Now for the real reason why I'm writing about Barbie.
Because I've been wanting a poloriod camera for some time now. I got on ebay just to take a look around and this is when I found this camera and I said "I gotta have it!!" I didn't place my bid yet because I want the time to run down to the very last minute so I can make sure to win. Wish me bidding luck :-) Happy Monday, btw!

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